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Butte County Adventures

Butte County Adventures

Things To Do In Butte County:

Butte County Adventures

Butte County Adventures. If you enjoy the outdoors then you will love Butte County. Mountain biking, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, hiking to name a few. You will always have something enjoyable to do. Lots of water sports. There are many lakes, rivers, and creeks in Butte County.

Lake Oroville is a very large lake. You can rent house boats and vacation on the lake for a week or two. Ski boats can also be rented. If you like to ski, inner tube, or knee board, this would be a great selection for you. If you just want to relax and cruise around the lake maybe you want to consider a patio boat. These are lots fun. You can get get them with a bathroom on board.

Many rivers. Sacramento River just outside of Chico. Easy access for boats. If you like to fish for Salmon then this is for you. Feather river also offers great Salmon and Trout fishing. Butte Creek and several other Creeks are in the area.

Unlimited space for Mountain Biking, Hiking, 4 Wheeling, Motorcycle riding. Whatever you can think of you can probably do in Butte County.

Retire or Raise a Family

Butte county is a great place to retire or raise your family. Less crime than the big cities. People are friendly. Much more affordable living compared to the large cities or Bay areas. Not to mention some great schools and colleges. Butte College is a great school located in Butte Valley. Very close drive from Paradise, Chico, Magalia, or Oroville. Chico State University is a fine school located in Chico.

Butte County has great health care. I know that is very important. Paradise has Feather River Hospital. Great hospital serves Paradise and Magalia. Enloe Hospital in Chico. Very good hospital. Can handle trauma and critical care. Oroville Hospital has just went through extensive renovation. They are now one of the top Hospitals in Butte County.