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Butte County Living

Butte County Living

Raise your family or retire, Butte County offers something for everyone. Great schools and colleges. Butte College offers many programs to get your career going. Chico State University offers many graduate programs. Chico, Oroville and Butte Valley are all lower elevation located in the valley.

Paradise and Magalia are located in foothill areas. They do receive some snow fall in the winter.

Things To Do

Many things to do in Butte County. Mountain biking, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, camping, to name a few. If you enjoy the outdoors then Butte County is for you. The Silver Dollar fair grounds in Chico California has several events every year. The Fairgrounds also has a dirt oval race track.

During summer month races are every weekend. Every Thursday in Chico there is a big farmers market. Fruits, Vegetables, and entertainment for the whole family. Don’t forget to visit Bidwell Manson in Chico.

Salmon Festival

The Salmon Festival is another  fun celebration you won’t want to miss. Every year Salmon run up the Feather River in Oroville. Down town Oroville has that little town feel with antique shops and other businesses. Oroville Dam is something you will want to see. Bidwell Marina offers many different boat rentals and camping.


Paradise has 2 major events every year. Gold Nugget Days. The celebration lasts for a week. Celebrating the 54 LB. gold nugget found in the Feather River Canyon. Gold Nugget Day’s Parade is on the final day. Every year on certain holidays the main street in town is lined with American flags.

Most of all it makes you proud to be an American. While visiting Paradise don’t miss Johnny Apple Seed Day’s. Lot’s of tasty things to eat made from apples. Noble Orchards located on Pentz Rd. in Paradise makes hundreds of pies to sell.