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Find my dream homeFind my dream home. That is something I hear a lot from Buyers. Locating the perfect home for my Buyers is what I specialize in. Listening to what is important to your Buyers making sure to hear all the wants and needs in a new home is critical. Buyer want to see homes that are right for them. Once you find the perfect home then the process begins. That is when it is important to have a great Realtor working for you.

Putting in your offer. Getting your Dream Home for the best price possible. Inspection take place during first 17 days. After all the reports are in from the inspections we will have a discussion. It will be important to identify the problems/issues you want to ask the Seller to repair. Now keep in mind that this is all negotiable.

“Request For Repairs” and submit to the list agent. Within a couple days we will receive a response. If the response is acceptable to the Buyer we will continue the escrow. After the 17 days Buyer will release their “inspection contingencies.” Now the Buyer is satisfied. If you are getting a loan that would be the next contingency that would need to be released.

On the 21st day I will be in communication with your lender. If everything with your loan is in place and ready we will “Release Loan Contingencies.” Now everything is in place to close the escrow on your new Dream Home. 5 days before escrow closes we will do the final walk through. That is to verify that the home is in the same condition as it was when you first saw it. Once completed we are ready to proceed and close escrow, it will record with the county, then it records and it is official and you will receive your keys to your Dream Home..