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Paradise California Real Estate



As You Enter Paradise California from the Skyway.




Paradise California Real Estate For Sale.

 Paradise California is such a beautiful place. Located in the foothills of the Sierra’s. We enjoy all the season in Paradise. Cold rainy winters with some snow fall. Usually not a lot of snow just enough to fill the trees and provide beautiful views for a few days.


Summer are great. It does get warm in Paradise. Normally the hottest it gets in summer months is in the 90’s. We do get over 100 degrees sometimes, not very often though. We have several local lake to enjoy. Lake Oroville which is locate on Pentz Rd in Paradise is a massive lake. Lots of activities: fishing, boating, skiing, and more.

3 major events every year in Paradise. Gold Nugget Days – Week long celebration.

Johnny Apple Seed Days – Long Weekend celebration. Lots of apple products.

Paradise Chocolate Festival – Weekend celebration. Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate.