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Help You Relocate!



Not may people like to do it. Especially if it is a long distance. I can help you relocate pain free. There are lots of things to do when moving. If you need to Sell a home before moving I can help if needed. From boxes to the moving truck we can help.

Once you have your home identified getting all your utilities turned on in your name is necessary. You will want to do this right away. That way when you move in everything will be ready. Cable usually take most time so do it quick. Once you move in and get situated it will be time to go check out your new area. Most people that relocate to Butte County from a large city are shocked. It is so quiet here especially at night. In Paradise and Magalia in gets very dark at night as we do not have a lot of street lights.


There is a lot of it. We have deer, turkeys, bears, bobcats, mountain lions, to name a few. It is amazing to see animals in the wild. Come around a corner and there may be a herd of deer. So beautiful. In all my experiences the animals are afraid of people. They normally do not pose a threat to people. Just beautiful to look at.